Skincare Haul: Lush Cosmetics

February 03, 2014


Since I've been having some annoyingly bad skin lately (hello, am I 15 or 25 years old?!) and I'm running out of my current Michael Todd True Organics skincare rotation, I thought I'd finally go for it and buy my whole regime from Lush Cosmetics.
Since I live in Switzerland, I've had to order the Michael Todd products online and I honestly don't like ordering things online which I need on a daily basis or may suddenly run out of and can't go out and buy the next day.

I've tried some Lush products in the past and have really liked them and the best bit of all is that their products are:

*packing is made from BPA-Free, 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic

"We also believe words like fresh and organic have honest meaning beyond marketing."

Step one: cleanser. I chose the Fresh Farmacy Soothing Calamine Cleanser. With a little bit of water in your hand, rub this soap a few times until you get some suds and work the soapy foam into your skin, then rinse. The nice saleslady was helping me with all the products and she recommended for me to try this soap. I got double this amount, which she cut in half for me. I'm really liking it so far, but the only downside for me is that I'm not too sure how I should store this. I feel like it's a bit unhygienic keeping it out on a soap stand. Any ideas/recommendations??


Step two (in the evenings): Ocean Salt Coconut Cream and Sea Salt Scrub. This is a face and body scrub with quite large particles of salt. You really need to use this gently, otherwise it can be too harsh. Your skin feels so fresh and clean after using this, I think this is a must!


Step three after cleansing: Tea Tree Toner Water. I spritz this onto a cotton pad and glide it over my face, concentrating on the T-zone. This was a repurchase and I really like it. It's not too harsh and very refreshing.


Last step: Enzymion Mattifying Fruit Moisturizer. The saleslady recommended I try this moisturizer since it's made for combination/oily skin. I use this under my primer and foundation and have seen awesome results so far. I truly feel that my skin stays matter for longer, without looking dry or dull.

I actually forgot to photograph one other item I bought! The Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask. I haven't tried this one out yet but I'm dying to! Maybe tonight :) It's a soothing and deep cleansing blend for break-out prone skin (that's me!) and it contains tea tree oil and garlic.


There was a sale going on at the time so after spending more than enough money, I received a free goodie bag filled with 4 items to try out! Yay!


This is the one item I probably won't be trying out: the T for Toes Foot Powder. I guess this is a natural way of combating stinky feet but I've never really had that problem, so... Maybe I'll give it to a lovely male in my family :)



Next I got the Sweetie Pie Cherry-Coconut Skin Softening Shower Jelly. This is the most intriguing product of all! It smells absolutely divine AND the consistency is so weird! I guess you just take the whole blob and smooth it over your skin in the shower. It even has tiny sparkles in it. On the packaging it says you can also freeze it or leave it in the fridge for a cooling effect. We'll see what I decide to do with it but until then I'm constantly opening it up just to take a whiff - so yummy!


Something very useful: the Mr. Punch Soap. I guess this was a Christmas edition item but it doesn't really smell that Christmassy to me. It just smells really tropical and fruity.


Last but not least, my first ever bath bomb! This is the So White Bath Bomb. I couldn't find this particular bath bomb on the Lush USA site but found it on the UK site. It has a crisp apple fragrance and a rose colored center which will turn your bath water a rosy color. I have yet to try this and will have my first bath in a very long time!


I hope you enjoyed my Lush Cosmetics haul & I leave you with this cutie :)

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  1. Love the layout of your blog! Im a big fan of the lush tea tree toner. I like to use it once I get out of the shower :D

    1. Thanks so much! Ya it's so nice to use after showering and in the morning as a refresher :)

  2. I love your header!
    Ive followed you:Make sure to check out my blog:


  3. Oh how I love Lush products! They are seriously so amazing. I always spend too much money!


    1. Haha, ya I definitely spent too much money but since the products are organic and all that, I feel okay about spending a bit more :)

  4. nice and love your dog, adorable!!!! :)

    1. Thanks! He's a crazy little pup who doesn't like to pose for the camera but I was lucky to snap this beaut of him :)

  5. I love ocean salt - the best peeling ever :)
    I also receommen the toner "breath of fresh air" - smells really good and it's really refreshing.

    1. That peeling really is so good! I'll have to check out that toner, thanks for the tip!



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